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Cocktails - Cocktails
El Paso

Irish Trash Can


.5 oz Vodka .5 oz Rum
.5 or Gin .5 oz Blue Curacao
.5 oz Triple Sec .5 oz Peach Schnapps
Top with Red Bull

Shot/Drink:Shot Drink
Liquor Mods:Chilled Dirty Double +$3Dressed Drink Dry Light Ice Martini +$3Naked Neat +$1Pickle Back Rocks +$1Short Shot Side Olive Slammer Straight Up Tall
Liquor Juice & Soda:Cranberry Juice Orange Juice Grapefruit Juice Pineapple Juice Clamato Sweet & Sour Coke Gingerale Sprite Ginger Beer Tonic Water Lemonade Diet Coke Soda Water